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Welcome to MISMO Connect! 

Welcome to MISMO's new collaboration tool - "MISMO Connect"!  This tool is designed to allow MISMO members to work together more effectively than ever before. It is provided as a benefit within the MISMO membership package. If you are not a MISMO member and are interested to learn more about all of the benefits provided with membership, find more information on our membership page

Please check out the many MISMO Community Sites (see "Communities" link at top of screen) and join all that are of interest to you.  Once you join, you will have access to the Communities' libraries where you'll find documentation and information on all of the great work underway with MISMO.  You'll also be able to receive updates and communications from the community - helping you to participate and collaborate in a whole new way. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, check out the FAQ section (see "Participate" link at top of screen) or contact INFO@MISMO.org


Congratulations to MISMO's Newly Elected Governance Standards Committee Members

MISMO would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent election of MISMO Standards Governance Committee members.  The Residential and Commercial Standards Governance Committees report to MISMO’s Board of Directors.  The Committees are responsible for administering and overseeing MISMO’s activities specific to the Standards.  This includes providing guidance to the MISMO workgroups; establishing and managing the MISMO Reference Model release schedule; conducting oversight to ensure that standards development is occurring in conformance with established policy; and maintaining the architectural consistency of the MISMO Standards.  
Congratulations to the newly elected members who will serve from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018.


1.     GSE– Thomas Notaro, Fannie Mae

2.     Residential Lender (2 Seats) – William Klumper, First Mortgage Company and Brian Webster, Wells Fargo
3.     Origination Technology – Stephanie Berger, Elllie Mae

4.     Service Provider – Ethan Pack, Stewart
5.     Servicing Technology – Richard Balentine, FISERV

6.     Technology Vendor – Nancy Pratt, Pavaso
7.     Mortgage Insurance – David Krause, Radian

8.     At Large – Ruth Eller, CoreLogic


1.     Secondary Market – Brian Hunt, Fannie Mae

2.     At Large - Thomas Sitzler  Actualize Consulting Services


MISMO Workgroup Meeting Schedule and Details

Want to participate with MISMO?

Here's how to get involved today:

  • Join a Workgroup Community Site:   MISMO Members should join all of the WG community sites that are of interest to them (see "Communities" link at top) to collaborate, view materials, and receive regular communications.
  • Participate in Workgroup Meetings: In order to attend a workgroup meeting, see details provided below. While anyone can attend a MISMO workgroup meeting, only employees and contractors of MISMO member companies may be official members of the workgroup and have voting privileges.  But ALL are welcome to participate - so - don't be shy and dial in!


 MISMO Workgroup Meeting Schedule


Architecture (AWG) Workgroup













2nd and 4th Thursday of each month



712-432-0926 CODE: 265580#

Business Reference Model Development Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/businessdomain FRI 1-2pm Weekly 712-775-7031 CODE:489-605-382
Business Rules (BREW) Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/brew/ TUES 4-5pm Weekly 515-739-1285 CODE: 399141#
CFPB Evid. Of Compliance DWG http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/cfpbsvcngruledwg/ TUES 1-2pm Weekly 712-432-1500 CODE: 692739#
Core Data Structures (CDS) Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/cds/ MON 2-3pm Weekly (if there are items to review) 641-715-3625 CODE: 179821#
Credit Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/credit/ THURS 1-2pm 3rd Thursday of each month 641-715-3580 CODE: 828-588
eMortgage Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/emortgage/ THURS 1-2 pm 1st Thursday of each month 712-775-7031 CODE: 532368
eMortgage Working Sessions http:///mismo.adobeconnect.com/emortgageWorkSessions/ THURS 1-2pm Thursdays except for 1st Thursday
Fee Naming DGW http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/fee/ WED 1-2pm Bi-Weekly
Mortgage Insurance Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/mi/ MON 1-2pm 3rd Monday of each month 605-477-3000 CODE: 410009#
Origination Workgroup http:///mismo.adobeconnect.com/origination/ WED 3-4pm Weekly 605-475-3235 CODE: 334505#
Property Valuation Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/pav/ THURS 4-5 pm 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 712-432-0460 CODE: 263396#
Secondary Workgroup http:///mismo.adobeconnect.com/secondary/ WED 1-2pm Weekly 877-931-7117 CODE: 9638595#
Servicing Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/servicing/ MON 12:30 - 1:30pm Weekly 877-931-7117 CODE: 9638595#
Structured Finance DWG http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/structuredfinancedwg/ As Needed Contact INFO@MISMO for details.
Tamper Evident SMART Doc DWG http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/tamperevident/ THURS 1-2pm Every Thursday except for when eMortgage WG meets 712-775-7031 CODE: 532368
Title Insurance Workgroup http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/titlewg/ FRI 2-3 pm 2nd Friday of each month 712-432-0080 CODE: 596211#
Trended Credit DWG http://mismo.adobeconnect.com/credit/ THURS 1-2pm Every Thursday except for 3rd Thurs of month 641-715-3580 CODE: 828588#

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